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Hypo-T (formerly Hypo-Thyroid Tea)

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Product Description: Herbal nutritional support.

Ingredients: Org. Licorice Root, Org. Parsley Root, Org. Watercress, W.C. Sarsparilla Rt., Org. Queen Of the Meadow, Org. Oregon Grape Rt., Org. Yellow Dock Rt., Org. Nettle Leaf, Org. Oatstraw, Org. Ginger Rt., Org. Senna Leaf, Org. Chickweek, Org. Cinnamon Bark, Org. Clove Bud, Org. Nutmeg, Org. Cardamom Seed, Org. Honeybush, Org. Dandelion Root, Org. Star Anise Seed. Loose Leaf 4 oz. Bag.