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Tooth & Gum Care


Tooth and Gum Products were developed out of my own need. I have used natural tooth paste for years, but that didn't stop my teeth and gums from having problem. A few years ago a few days before Christmas I had a terribly painful tooth. I tried to get in with my dentist only to be told it would be three weeks. I thought I would die by then from the pain, so as usual I took matters in to my own hands. I did my research and created the Tooth & Gum Oil to apply topically, along with the Tooth Powder to clean my teeth and alkalinize the mouth. I also chewed some fresh wheat grass and stuck up in the gum area where the sore tooth was. Within a few days the pain had eased and within a couple weeks it was completely gone. When it was time for my appointment I was prepared for a root canal only to find out the tooth repaired itself and calcified the root. Yeah no root canal and a healthy mouth.

Ginger Tooth Powder

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural White Clay, Ginger Powder, and Pure Ginger Oil.

Flouride Free

Sugar Free

Cruelty Free


3 oz. PET Bottle


Tooth & Gum Oil

Pure Oils Of: eucalyptus, wintergreen, peppermint, valerian, ginger, thyme, Flower Essence, Dandelion, Elm, Lavender

10 ml Blue Glass Euro Dropper Bottle