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Aches & Pains Herbal Tea

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  Product Description:   Herbal nutritional support for the muscular and skeletal system. 

Ingredients: Org. Oatstraw, Org. Nettle Leaf, W.C. Devil's Claw Root, Org. White Willow Bark, Org. Ginger Root, Org. Orange Peel, Org. Burdock Root, Org. Olive Leaf, Org. Cinnamon Bark, Org. Horsetail, Org. Valerian Root, Org. Yucca, Org. Alfalfa Leaf, Org. Spearmint Leaf, Org. Peppermint Leaf, Org. Eucalyptus Leaf, Soloman's Seal.
Loose Leaf 4 oz. Bag.