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Native Wisdom Collection


Native Wisdom aromatherapy collection is a smokeless way to smudge. Remove unwanted energy and spirits from your space. Sage and Cedar are combined for a traditional and powerful blend of healing. The plant oils used in this blend also have powerful  antibacterial and antifungal properties so are wonderful for healing skin conditions.

Native Wisdom Aromatherapy Mister

Product Description: Cleanse and protect your enviroment from unwanted energies. This smudge is specifically designed to remove the negative energy of others in body and out of body. This mister is fabulous for smudging when a smoke free environment is needed.

Ingredients: Food Grade Alcohol, Distilled Water, Essential Oils of Sage & Cedar, Flower Essences Of: Iris, Mountain Pride, and Pennyroyal Infused with Smokey Quartz

4 oz. spray style cobalt glass bottle.


Native Wisdom Essential Oil Blend

Product Description: Cleanse, clear, and protect your environment. Anoint candles and doorways or use in aromatherapy burner.

Ingredients: Essential Oils Of: Sage and Cedar, Flower Essences Of: Iris, Mountain Pride, and Pennyroyal.

10 ml. cobalt blue glass bottle.