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Money & Abundance Reiki Monthly Healing

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Can you use more money flowing into your life? Do you find money doesn't seem to flow through your life as effortlessly as you would like? Do you feel stressed about money whether you have plenty of it or are struggling to make it? This is a very affordable monthly long distance healing. We will be working with issues the collective group would like to heal and making energetic adjustments to better deal with them and manifest the financial health and life you want. Even though the work is done with many of us gathered as spirit together it is also still a very personal and individual healing for yourself. You will not be part of each others healing process and your energies will not be mingling. Each of you is assigned your own personal guides to support your financial and abundance journey. The healings will be the last Wednesday of the month before the month we will be working with at 8:00 PM all time zones. So in other words if the healing is for April then it will take place on the last Wednesday of March. After the healing I will be sending a report out which describes what took place during the healing session, and what was worked with by the collective group and send supportive information such as affirmations, flower essence, etc. which can be used to further assist with balance. This is a monthly subscription through pay pal which can be cancelled at any time by logging in to your paypal account, looking for the subscription payment, and hitting cancel.

Sample Healing:

Money Reiki & Abundance Healing Group Healing

Lord Sananda, Gaia, and Fortuna the angel of fortune were present overseeing the work.

A protection circle was created around all of us. You were assigned your own healing and supportive team personal to you to assist in creating financial wealth and prosperity. We were all in the inner circle vortex with the light of creation in the center, which emanated an energy which surrounded everyone. I was there with you as a facilitator. We are in this healing process together.  Growing together to step in to our true purpose with financial ease and abundance.

The issues that presented themselves to heal at this time centered on deserving money. Each person’s memories were brought forward so we could spiritually recognize teachings and beliefs no longer serving us.

The spiritual beliefs we cleared are:

Release belief you will hurt others if you are prosperous.

Release belief/information others will hurt you if you are prosperous.

Release information money is evil and only used for evil things.

Release fear of money.

Release fear of being someone you don’t like if you have money.

Release belief/information you will do evil things with money if you have it.

Released Karma and responsibility for past life hurtful deeds to others you no longer have to be afraid of repeating.

Release belief you are weak and incapable of being all that you want to be.

The central light of creation turned into a gold cup. The energy of love with silver sparkles and little read hearts started washing over us in its own meditation washing away insecurities and dark foreign energy from our very being. “You are loved by the Creator”is the message we accepted in to our being. Truly experiencing, knowing and understanding unconditional love. Now the message “You deserve the best life has to offer” is being infused in to our being in a rainbow of iridescent colors. The anger of others is being washed from our systems. Each of us is now in our won individual swirling vortex with our healing guides cleansing and clearing our own individual blocks separate from the group in a loving way. Demonic forces and lower vibrational entities are cleared that have been attached unknowingly to us anchored in to these lower vibrations and beliefs within our own energy field.

Healing is done. Lord Sananda blesses us “Go in peace”.

The central light dissolves. The circle is dissolved. Your money healing guides assigned to you at this time go with you.

Nothing we ever imagine is beyond our powers, only beyond our present self knowledge–Theodore Roszak

Supportive Suggestions to use for the month to continue the work done:

Bach Flower Essence, Water Violet: Assists with being comfortable with your own soul and its incarnation on earth. Happiness being on earth and comfort in relation to others. Infectious happiness. Projecting love and happiness out to others instead of fear. Being liked by others.

Suggested Use: 2 drops daily

Daily Affirmation:

Let there be light!

Let there be light where I AM THAT I AM!

While doing this affirmation picture what you would like to create in your life. Bringing the light energy is the first step to creating. Blessings, Charlotte