Thyme For Health
Supplies for Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

My office is located at: 102 East Main Street Suite 8, Monroe, WA 98272.

I am available by appointment only.

It is located upstairs in the Doloff-Key building on the corner of Lewis Street and Main Street. The entrance is on Lewis Street. I do not run a store out of here, it is my office to do readings out of, so you will not be able to just stop in and buy products.

Update: So what a year it has been. My father passed away at the beginning of the year which was very difficult for me and it was enough for me to just doing reading and healing work during this time. I am sorry I did not get back to everyone with an answer to the question of when I would have product again for sale as I just didn't have an answer until now. I am now ready to start getting more active again with business and have been updating the products on the website that are available again. I will be manufacturing to order, so will make product especially for you fresh when you order. What this means is I will be manufacturing on Mondays and Tuesdays and shipping on Wednesdays.

I also have begun writing a book, which will contain all of my recipes so that you can buy the book and make them for yourselves as well. When this is finished it will be posted on the website for order.

Welcome to Thyme For Health's webstore. We no longer have our brick and mortor store front. We also have a new phone number which is 425-516-3857. You will get an answering machine when you call. I now am only in my office with clients on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so chances are you will not be getting a call back until one of these days as I am very busy doing other things. I can also be contacted through email at, but the same applies, but chances are you may get a quicker reply as it is easier to email at midnight then it is to make a phone call to someone. I will no longer be answering general health questions. If you want to know about a product we are selling on our website I would be happy to answer your question. This can also be emailed to me at If you feel you have an urgent health question then you are welcome to schedule a reading or health consultation. It was time for some changes in my life and as readings and the website business have grown I had to make the decision to let go of the store front and focus on the things I enjoy most in life. I will still be doing readings both in person and long distance as I know this has been a concern for many. I have also decided to let go of some of the products which are not as popular since the store closed. 





If you don't have the best quality ingredients then you don't get the best quality results.

Here at Thyme For Health we recommend a Vegetarian Diet with lots of Raw & Living Foods combined with Herbal Support for optimal health. We believe that no animals should be sacrificed for the manufacturing of our products.


If you are looking for alternative ways to learn about your health check out the medical intuitive readings with Charlotte under the Clairvoyant Reading button.