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Long Distance Animal Healing (done via email)
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Session Description: This session is for your favorite pet or animal friend. Sometimes it is not easy to know what is going on with our animal companions. When you are just wondering about what they are in need of for optimal physical and emotional well being a reading can be of help. Energy and spirit transcend time and space so it is possible to effect healing from a distance even with animals. The techniques used within this session are designed to assist in clearing blockages and bringing attention to problem areas. Suggestions will be made for educational purposes on what you can do to assist your animal companion in bringing the body, mind, and spirit into balance for optimal health and healing to occur. This is not a phone reading. I will be looking at what is going on in the animals system. The information on what has occurred in the session will be emailed to you once the reading is done. If you would like me to look at a specific question it can be added to the comment box at the time of ordering. Email or mailing address is required. Please read disclaimer above before ordering.

Readings may take up to two weeks to receive. I try to get to them the same week they are ordered, but sometimes due to the volume of requests or just right timing energetically, readings can be delayed. Please include age, name, sex (male or female) , and breed of animal (for example: dog, cat, horse, etc.) of animal wanting the reading. This can be added to the comment box in shopping cart when checking out.

When checking out choose no shipping charge option provided and give security code to credit card used in message box.